Like many engineers, I like to make things. I’ve only recently started documenting those things. Some things are built with my hands, others with my mind, and still others merely metaphorical.

I try to keep away from writing too much about software design (though it does have its place below). I think about it too much in my job. Instead, on this page you’ll find a wider assortment of things which have consumed my time. Or, skip to read all the recent project articles.

A Tiny-Home in a cargo Van

Where I live, in the forest, sometimes

Living in a van. Crazy? Well, maybe not as a part-time gig. Here’s how it went for me.

Off-Grid Electrical System


Training a Puppy

Azuli, riding in the passenger seat of the van (see above).

it may at first seem odd located on this page, there can be no doubt that training a puppy is a “project.” I adopted my miniature (Australian/Amerian) Shepherd, Azuli, when she was three months old. Training her to be a constant companion has been an unending joy. Friends and strangers alike comment on her wonderful temperament and excellent behavior. I can’t take much credit for the former, but I’d like to think all the work and research I did on the latter had some impact.


Open-Source Programming

Unity is a popular tool for building games that can be played anywhere.

As a way of honing my programming skills, I’ve tinkered with building an open-source real-time networking and data library for .NET C#, cross compiled in the Unity game platform to be used in any online video game. Along the way, I had to solve some interesting challenges.


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